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About Us.

The North Hertfordshire Education Support Centre is an extended ESC and is based over two sites, Briar Patch in Letchworth and Bancroft in Hitchin. The Centre supports mainstream primary and secondary schools in their work with pupils who have emotional, behavioural and social skills difficulties. These are pupils who have difficulties in conforming to mainstream expectations, who are bullied or are the bully, who have difficulty forming friendships.

North Hertfordshire Education Support centre provides on-site-tuition for students in years 10 and 11 who have been permanently excluded or who are at risk of permanent exclusion. The centre also provides a reintegration programme for students in years 1 -11 and gives support to 52 primary schools, seven secondary schools and two middles schools.

How do we do this?

    I have enjoyed my time in the center. I feel that as a person it has changed me, I am more confident in myself and can't wait to start my life as an adult.
    Terri Bennett