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What we do.

Enhance the educational, social, physical and cultural development of the students at North Hertfordshire Education Support Centre, Letchworth by fundraising to supplement the limited funding available from the local authority, Hertfordshire County Council.

Who are we helping?

Pupils who are beginning to show signs of disaffection who are receiving detentions or even fixed term exclusions. This is where the outreach staff would be working in a school proactively, helping the pupil to develop behaviour management strategies in order to be successful and avoid being at risk of permanent exclusion.

Pupils who have had fixed term exclusions and are at serious risk of permanent exclusion. At this stage NHESC are generally able to offer the following:

-Development of a PSP and support for the pupil through the PSP

-Referral to our Inclusion Group for an assessment period, where we determine the student’s education programme.
(a) a return to the referring school
(b) a managed move to a new mainstream school
(c) a dual registered place at NHESC

-Support with a Managed Move to another mainstream school – coordinated by the Integration manager/Officer and the NHESC Reintegration Co-ordinator.

Pupils who have been permanently excluded. NHESC provides education for pupils who have been permanently excluded and the support programme for reintegration to a mainstream school (if appropriate) by the NHESC Reintegration Co-ordinator

I started attending Briar patch at the beginning of February 2011 so I have been here for over a year. It has been a good experience for me as it has allowed me to take all my GCSE's and due to all the staff here i am predicted to do quite well in them. All the staff here are lovely and treat us like young adults, so the atmosphere is a lot better than it is in mainstream school. I will miss being here a bit.
Amy Jackson